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What a team of experts! If you really want to get the best lending services Wendy is the one and the only, she was always on top of things, always available and making sure everything was in perfect place and time to get the best rate possible.

Angel G. | 4/12/18

Wendy is amazing!  She answered all of our questions and worked to find the best possible scenario for us.  It was a very smooth process and we would recommend her to anyone.

Liz M. | 1/26/18

We were incredibly pleased with how smoothly the refinance process went from start to finish. Wendy was a pleasure to work with in every way, from explaining our possible options, keeping us and on track, and ultimately helping us to achieve our goals.

Steve B. | 1/08/18

Working with Wendy was a breeze! I have been through several different purchase/sale transactions as well as refis and Wendy is THE BEST I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. Not only is she incredibly organized and knowledgeable on all lending laws, she has a style that an A-type personality like me certain appreciates. She outlines the transaction process from beginning to end and communicated expectations VERY clearly. She collected all of our documentation up front and got started on the application process IMMEDIATELY so we wouldn’t have a bunch of heavy lifting to do at the last minute. When it came time to lock in a rate, she gave us all of our options, explained everything clearly, and helped us pick the best one for our particular circumstance. Because she was able to help us lock in the lowest rate (even though we had to pay minimal pts), the market has not dropped to that rate since so each time I pay my monthly mortgage bill or look at my total OOP at the end of my 30-year loan, I thank her all over again. She really is the best in the business. You will be in fantastic hands with Wendy!

Tammy Y. | 11/3/2017

Wendy was so great! My husband and I purchased our first home with her and could not be more thankful for her expertise, guidance and flexibility. She mapped out the entire process, taking the time to explain how each step works and what we could expect. She also kept us up to date with day-to-day developments and reminders of what we needed to do on our end. We appreciated her honesty, clarity and kindness. With her help, we were able to close in a very short amount of time and get into our new home faster than we had imagined! We would absolutely recommend Wendy to any friends or family in need of a home loan. FIVE STARS!

Hannah H. | 12/20/2017

If you want a true professional, look no further. Wendy is an expert in her job. Though I was not a first time home buyer, it had been quite some time. Wendy treated me with respect and explained every step and detail of the home loan process.  She made sure I was well informed of every option I could take on my home loan. I felt like she had my back and best interest. She is Wonder Woman! She is definitely one of a kind! I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Michelle A. | 10/6/2017

Having never been through this process, at first it seemed like overkill having to provide one document after another, but once we were done with that, I realized that all of the attention to detail that Wendy had early on really made the process seamless. Everything was handled in a timely and professional manner, and once the initial rush of work on our end was completed, everything was so easy. We were able to close ahead of schedule, and not once were asked for backup documents or any additional information because it was all so organized up front. After speaking with friends who have gone through the home buying process, it seems like we were extremely lucky to have been recommended to use Wendy, and I’ll continue to do the same for anyone who asks us. Thank you again!

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