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Wendy Mariani is perhaps the most professional and friendly individual I work with. Between home purchases and refis, I think I’ve used her services for 6-7 loans over the past 15 years. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or refinance.

Paul S. | 6/16/2017

Working with Wendy and Absolute Mortgage was one of the best experiences we have ever had. Being first time home buyers, my husband and I were very new to the process and Wendy took the time to explain everything very throughly to us. We never felt confused or mislead and always felt like we were in good hands. She was very open and available and we always felt comfortable to ask questions, often the same one numerous times. It was truly simple to work Wendy and I would recommend trusting her with your mortgage needs 100%.

Kaitlin B. | 6/15/2017

It was a pleasure to work with Wendy from the beginning. She was very knowledgeable and walked us through the entire lending process before we began our application. She was available and eager to answer questions throughout the subsequent application process. Then, when it was time to purchase a home, she worked diligently to collect documentation in a timely manner – even working on the weekend – and keep us and the other parties involved updated on the status of the loan. We could not have had a more transparent, supported, smooth experience!

Jeb K. | 5/11/2017

Wendy was awesome! Great response time and we had an excellent experience with her. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to all.

Michael C. | 5/11/2017

Wendy made the entire process extremely easy for us as first time home buyers. She also advocated for us to the sellers in a hot market where there were multiple competing offers. Wendy was also extremely fast in responding to any questions we had and ensured everything was in order for an on time closing. Thanks Wendy!

James C. | 4.12.2017

Wendy was amazing to work with during the process of looking for our new home. She explained the whole financing process to us and helped us get prequalified quickly so we could start looking right away. Her communication was very quick and easy, especially via email, and she provided us any and all documents we needed to put in our offers immediately and did not hesitate to show us different financing scenarios for all of the homes we were considering so that we could make an informed decision. Once our home offer was accepted, she kept us apprised of each step too and she even came to the final signing to make sure that we were comfortable and had an advocate on our side to ask questions to. I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking to finance a home.

Eunice G. | 5/5/2017

Wendy Mariani was amazing to work with during the process of buying my first home. She is incredibly patient and explained all of the financial terms. More importantly, her proactive approach gave me high confidence in the process and she periodically sent email updates. She was very thorough and had my best interest in mind (even found a program to get a lower interest rate and closing credit)! I had a 2 week Europe trip previously planned right in the middle of the closing period and Wendy moved the entire process along while communicating with me via email. It was a seamless process that could have been much different without Wendy. I cannot recommend Wendy enough and will certainly be calling her in the future for any home financing requests.

Dustin P. | 3.23.2017

Wendy was wonderful to work with as we were buying our first home. She spent time with us answering all of our questions and explaining to us the entire process of applying for and receiving our loan. She was there step-by-step and kept us informed the entire time. We felt extremely comfortable in a process that can be very stressful at times. I would recommend anyone to work with Wendy purchasing a home.

Rachel S. | 3/10/2017

Wendy was wonderful to work with as we were buying our first home. She spent time with us answering all of our questions and explaining to us the entire process of applying for and receiving our loan. She was there step-by-step and kept us informed the entire time. We felt extremely comfortable in a process that can be very stressful at times. I would recommend anyone to work with Wendy purchasing a home.

Alisha F. | 3/8/2017

As a first time home buyer the mortgage process seemed daunting but Wendy guided us every step of the way.  She made sure all of our questions were answered and there were never any surprises.  She worked hand in hand with our real estate broker to give us an upper hand in this competitive housing market and we closed early on our home thanks to her.  Wendy was a pleasure to work with.

Jeremy D. | 3/8/2017

Wendy completely deserves a top rating! She was referred to me by a Real Estate Broker as someone who would give me very professional, thorough and objective advice on refinancing. And that’s exactly what she did! Moreover she made the whole thing as pleasant and painless as possible (talking mortgages is not my favorite thing!). I felt completely comfortable asking all kinds of basic questions and very confident that her advice was in my best interests. These days knowing that you are dealing with someone who has the highest standards of professional integrity and competency is something to be treasured and passed onto others! Thank you Wendy.

Penny C. | 1/30/2017

We would love to thank Wendy for helping us through the mortgage application and house buying process. She was patient and trustworthy. It could have been very overwhelming and confusing, especially in this competitive housing market in Seattle, but she knows all the ins and outs of getting the deal done. H/er experience shows.

Genevieve W. | 12/18/2017

Working with Wendy was amazing. She was professional, courteous, efficient, very responsive, and proactive. She took the time I needed to explain things to me and show me the pros and cons to my options. Without her guidance and expertise, and attention to detail, the closing of my home might have been delayed. I have worked with several mortgage advisors and Wendy is- by far- the best! Erin was also responsive, courteous and helpful. Thanks to you both!

Patricia H. | 8/15/16

Wendy was very helpful and knowledgeable that she eased my concerns and made my process a pleasant experience.

Lydia S. | 8/15/2016

I went to Wendy post-divorce to refinance my mortgage. She immediately made me feel at ease, explaining the whole process and making sure I understood every step. She’s very professional, knowledgeable, thorough and responsive. The whole experience was quick and easy and much less stressful than I had anticipated. I highly recommend Wendy!!!

Debbie B. | 7/20/2016

Wendy was quick to respond and incredibly helpful throughout an otherwise daunting process. Her expertise and professionalism made our whole first time mortgage experience much less stressful.

Emily G.  |7/19/2016

Wendy went above and beyond helping us navigate the mortgage process. She kept us informed through the whole process. She is very thorough, she kept on top of all the information to make sure it was accurate, submitted, and pushed through to get us to our closing date on time! I would definitely recommend her.

Jason S. | 6/18/2016

My client experience was fantastic. There was never a point in the home buying process that I felt lost because Wendy is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to immediately clarify anything my wife and I were confused by. She also kept us constantly updated so that we never needed to worry that necessary steps weren’t being completed to get us into a home.

David W. | 6/7/2016

Wendy Mariani really knows how to make the process quick and easy. She has helped up finance and then again refinance our home. She is very thorough, accurate and looking out for our best interests. I would recommend using Wendy for all your home financing needs.

John P. | 5/26/2016

Wendy was on top of the details, very patient in letting me ask a lot of questions, and promptly took care of things when it came time to close on the house.

Kevin A. | 5/5/2015

Wendy, We couldn’t have been more pleased with your services. Thank you, Lori and Tim

Lori and Tim D. | 5/3/2016

Wendy was so knowledgeable and we were especially impressed by our first meeting with her in which she gave us a ‘Mortgage 101′ session and explained all the details about getting a mortgage. Wendy was always quick to respond to any questions, was on top of everything throughout our home buying process and we had no trouble meeting our closing date. She made the entire process as pain-free as possible!

Eun C | 5/3/2015

Preparation is the key to finding a home in the greater Seattle area. You have to know what you want, be decisive, and move quickly when you find something. Wendy helped us every step of the way. She made sure we were ready, and was ready when we needed her. You want Wendy in your corner in this market.

Travis I. | 4/29/2016

Wendy was recommended to us by our Realtor because “she never misses a deadline.” After the service we had, we can absolutely believe it. My fiance and I just bought our first home and we’re so grateful we had Wendy on our team. She explained every step of the process to us from start to finish and made sure we understood every detail. She anticipated our questions/concerns and always kept us in the loop about what was happening behind the scenes. She even went above and beyond by calling the listing agent to “pitch us” while our offer was being reviewed and then came to our signing meeting, in case anything came up in the final hours. What could have been a high stress process was a complete pleasure with Wendy on our team, we were well taken care of from beginning to end.

Kaili J. | 4/1/2016

The only thing, and it’s minor is that it was not made clear enough to us that our mortgage included an escrow account. Maybe we were not paying close enough attention but we definitely did not want this and have already had some issues with the company sending our insurance payment out late. We have always managed our own insurance and property tax payments, and they’ve always been made on time.

Karin F. | 3/28/16

We cannot speak highly enough of Wendy. She walked us through every step of the home buying process (our first!) and was patient, professional, and always there for us! No complaints! I would recommend her without hesitation. ~ Jennie

Jennie S. | 3/27/16

I am not surprised that all Wendy’s reviews are 5 stars. I don’t know where to begin in describing how great our experience with Wendy was! My husband and I just bought our first home, and I know that without Wendy, we would have had a much harder process. She served as an educator, guide, financial guru, cheerleader, partner, expert communicator, and more! We feel so fortunate to have had Wendy in our corner throughout this process. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Jennie S. 3/24/16

Wendy was recommended to my wife and I through our realtor. The recommendation was well deserved. She was able to provide the best rate of any broker we spoke with. She listened to us carefully, and crafted the optimal mortgage package for our needs. Wendy made the entire process as painless as possible from start to finish. Her communication skills and attention to detail are second to none.

Tim D. | 3/18/16

Wendy was always very communicative and helpful, we felt she had our best interests at heart throughout this process, which got very tricky in places due to our funds being overseas and this being our first home purchase in the US. Her friendly and professional approach combined with her expertise make her an excellent choice as a Mortgage Broker, I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Simone S. | 2/19/16

As first home buyers in the US we needed significant support and guidance on the process as well an expert that could find finance that accepted our unique situation. Wendy proved to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Gareth T. | 2/19/16

My husband and I recently organized our mortgage through Wendy and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Mortgage Broker – she is helpful, highly communicative and her friendly style made us feel completely at ease. We were not familiar with the buying process in the US and she was very patient with us, clearly explaining every step of the way, and accommodating of our overseas funds and the complexities that came with that. We are grateful for all her support and very happy with the outcome.

Simone S. | 2/15/16

Wendy is everything you want in a mortgage broker: knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Wendy helped us through a complex process, guiding us the entire way. She worked closely with our real estate agent from RedFin and we always felt informed and well looked after. Cannot recommend enough!

Gareth T. | 2/15/16

Wendy and her team made the home buying process easy and, believe it or not, very enjoyable. She was professional, highly knowledgeable and kept me updated every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend her more – Wendy is the best!

Danielle T. | 2/3/16

Wendy came highly recommended and it’s clear why! She is so organized, helpful, patient, dependable, pleasant, positive, and professional. We were first-time home buyers and Wendy guided us through the whole process, explained all the steps at the outset, and made sure that we stayed on track and closed on time. We really felt that we could depend on her to keep things moving and let us know what we needed to do when, so that we could otherwise keep up with our busy work lives without worrying about things falling through the cracks. We would absolutely recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a mortgage broker in Seattle – particularly first-time buyers looking for a guide and good advice and support.

Nora F. | 1/24/16

From the moment we first reached out to her, Wendy made us feel like we could depend on her to make sure we understood all aspects of the lending process, take care of everything in a timely manner, let us know exactly what she needed from us, and keep us posted on progress. She was so pleasant, calm, dependable, and experienced – it really helped us stay relaxed during an otherwise rather stressful home-buying process. We feel very lucky that we found Wendy, and will be sure to recommend her to friends and family who are looking to buy homes in the Seattle area.

Nora F. | 1/20/16

Wendy was amazing to work with. This was our first time buying a home, so we really appreciated her expertise and the fact that she explained and walked us through all the details at each step of the process. Wendy was also super helpful in getting us pre-approved quickly, was able to get us a great rate on our loan, and stayed in close communication with us every step of the way during closing. We definitely look forward to working with Wendy again in the future!

Lauren C. | 1/14/16

Wendy was very informative and conscience of my need to not be surprised by anything! I was aware along the way of all the steps, as she kept the process going forward. She’s also a delightful person to work with.

Julie K. | 1/9/16

Yelp helped us find Wendy. She is the best lender we could have went with. We were comparing lenders for our first-time home purchase, and with her friendly personality and knowledge of the industry, we went with her. We are so pleased that we went with Wendy. She spent a long time explaining the lending and home buying process with us and made us feel comfortable throughout the process. She answered every question we had in a timely manner. What I appreciated the most was the process was very stress-free. She helped us close on a house in a short time frame and was always pleasant. Thank you, Wendy!!!

Lorraine L. | 12/18/15

Wendy is a great resource. She helped my husband and I throughout the whole lending process. We were first time homebuyers and had no experience. She explained every step, discussed at length how long the process would be, and made us feel at ease. She helped us close on our house in a very quick timeframe, which we really appreciated. I enjoyed working with Wendy and would recommend her to everyone.

Lorraine W. | 12/18/15

Wendy did a great job while we were trying to buy our first house. She was always available and very comprehensive when we had some situations with the sellers. I totally recommend her!

Julian M. |12/10/15

Wendy at Absolute Mortgage was a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable, responsive and quick to return calls. Wendy provided exceptional service in answering all of our questions making sure we felt comfortable with the decisions we made.

Juan C. | 11/12/15

Wendy was on time, and knowledgeable. Explained things to my wife and myself like peers, not children, yet made it easy to understand.

Andrew L. | 11/12/15

Wendy was outstanding. She made the entire mortgage process unbelievably smooth. Things went so well that my wife and I discussed frequently how uncomfortable we were with how smooth things were going anticipating something must be missing or wrong and nothing ever happened. Wendy made it that easy, and we would recommend her to any of our friends / family.

Daniel R. |10/19/15

Wendy was amazing! She patiently walked us through every aspect of the process, was available to make short turnarounds work, and was key to us winning a tough multiple offer situation! Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Allison S. | 10/18/15

Wendy was absolutely fantastic to work with! She provided us with all of our options and walked us through everything. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or refinance their home. We look forward to working with Wendy again in the future!

Rachel A. | 10/13/15

Whitney and I had an incredible experience working with Wendy, and would recommend her to friends and family to handle their mortgage needs.

Jonathan S. |10/13/15

Wendy was absolutely fantastic to work with! She provided us with all of our options and walked us through everything. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or refinance their home. We look forward to working with Wendy again in the future!

Rachel A. | 10.13.15

Wendy was outstanding. She made the entire mortgage process unbelievably smooth. Things went so well that my wife and I discussed frequently how uncomfortable we were with how smooth things were going anticipating something must be missing or wrong and nothing ever happened. Wendy made it that easy, and we would recommend her to any of our friends / family.

Daniel R. | 10.8.15

Wendy is the best loan person we have ever worked with and we literally call her a rock star!
We have used her services for years and she has worked on many transactions with us as we were both buying and selling properties as well as refinancing.
Wendy is always professional and full of great advice and information for those fielding their way through the whole loan process. She’s always a calming influence when your nerves might be fraying from the paperwork needed, issues with other parties you are dealing with, etc. She’s a calm amidst the storm of real estate processes!!
There are so many pieces to put together in the puzzle of a loan with all the paperwork and people involved. Wendy handles everything strategically and in a streamlined fashion always! It’s honestly amazing how quickly she can get through the process and resolve any issues that might arise.
We honestly would never go to anyone else as she has our full trust!!
We recommend her 100% !
She’s a 10 all the way!

Heather C. | 10/8/15

Wendy and her assistant kept me informed regarding every step of the process in refinancing my home. Very satisfied w/ the service provided!

Ann B. | 8.1.15

I don’t even know how to begin this. THANK YOU, WENDY!!! I looked around, read reviews, contacted a number of different lenders. It was sheer luck that a friend of mine recommended Wendy Mariani to me. I am so, so thankful I followed that lead. Wendy and I had barely had a chance to get acquainted before I found a house on a Sunday morning. I needed to act quick! I called Wendy in a panic, this was my first time buying a house and I didn’t know what to do. She called me right back, by two that afternoon we had the pre-approval. Her response time, organization, clear and thoughtful communication, and assistance making the best choices for my specific situation, make recommending her an obligation for me. If you live in Seattle, I guarantee you are not going to find a better lending officer than Wendy Mariani.

Mark B. | 6.8.15

Wendy was ON TOP of every aspect of the loan process. My agent said she will only recommend Wendy from this point forward!

Kelsi K. | 6.8.15

Wendy went way beyond expectation. This was the easiest this process has ever been thanks to all of Wendy’s hard work and dedication to her profession and excellent customer service.

Michael W. | 1.16.15

Wendy was fantastic! Very professional and personal service at all times. She went above and beyond through the entire process. This was the easiest this process has ever been for my wife and I.

Michael W. | 1.9.15

I’ve worked with Wendy on three different loans now: first home purchase, refinance from ARM to 30y fixed, and an investment property. She’s efficient, extremely quick, and got us great rates. Plus, she managed to get the latter two of these done at the same time, during the month of december on a tight timeline! Wendy’s fantastic!

Jake M. | 1.6.15

We cannot say enough great things about Wendy! Our realtor recommended using Wendy and we are so glad that we did! She was so easy to work with and explained everything thoroughly. We would absolutely work with her again!

The Harts | 10.28.14

Wendy was highly recommended to my wife and me by our real estate agent, who had worked with her many times. He assured us she was exceptionally good at tracking the purchase and loan process and that she goes beyond her professional responsibilities to make certain everything proceeds as it should. Our realtor was right! Wendy did in fact keep things moving smoothly, even when timing was quite tight. She is a great communicator, both as a listener and as someone who can clearly convey essential information. Responses to our questions (via email or voice mail) were always within a couple of hours at most, even on weekends. On top of that, she is friendly, upbeat, and gracious. We consider ourselves very lucky to have had Wendy on our team, and would recommend her to a friend without hesitation.

Marc H. | 9.02.14

Wendy has been working with my family for years. This was my first home purchase, so it was like working with family. She explained every part of the process of home buying, even things not to do with the mortgage. Whenever I had a question, she always made time for me, and gave me several options for contacting her. She is very honest, but compassionate toward home buyers, and she knows how to get the job done. Thank you Wendy for all that you have done for me and my family.

Kathleen G. | 8.15.14

I’ve worked with Wendy Mariani for 17 years on various loan transactions, from buying my first house on my own (post-divorce), thru buying a bigger house with my new husband and a few re-fis along the way. When my daughter was ready to buy her first home, I did not hesitate to send her to Wendy. Wendy has always been fast, friendly, professional and all-around good at what she does.

Mia A. | 8.15.14

Wendy is the most outstanding mortgage professional I have ever encountered. Not only is she attentive and cheerful, she is also professional and an expert in her field. Her proactive approach to completing our loan helped us make a strong purchase offer, close quickly and get fabulous terms. I wish everyone could work with someone like Wendy.

David R. | 8.7.14

Wendy is amazing. She researched the greatest scenarios for us, told us on a regular basis what paperwork was needed and when, and was able to close on our new home very quickly. I highly recommend Wendy.

Peter B. | 7.22.14

Wendy and her team are absolutely amazing. They are extremely professional, responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. Wendy makes a challenging process easy and a pleasure to do. Thank you so much for your support and help.

Catherine B. | 7.22.14

Wendy was an absolute godsend for us during our home buying experience. Her ability to work at lightning speed when it matters made all the difference for us. Plus, there was never a point where she didn’t let us know exactly what we needed to do and what we could expect. Simply fantastic

Dustin S. | 7.16.14

Wendy did a great job finding us a good loan and shepherding us through the application and closing process.

Joseph B. | 7.10.14

Wendy was an excellent resource. She answered all of our questions and helped to guide us through an escrow state with which we were not familiar. Her experience and knowledge were invaluable to us.

Margaret C. | 6.26.14

Wendy was an exceptional advisor. She was responsive to all of our questions as well sharing valuable information in a timely manner!!!

Barbara L. | 6.9.14

Wendy is like having your very own Special Secret Agent working behind the scenes to make sure that everything is lined up just when you need it so that the purchase of your home almost seems to just ‘fall into place’. She made purchasing my first home easy, understandable and smooth. Mission Accomplished!

Katy J. | 6.9.14

Wendy came highly recommended from my Realtor. Wendy worked with me for over 4 months due to complications on my end, but I have to tell you she was always a step ahead of me and made my life easier. She promptly returned all my calls and answers all my questions. She worked hard to get me a great deal and I mean down to the penny!!! I would highly recommend her to my family and friends.

Alicia E. | 6.5.14

Wendy is very thorough, knows her stuff very well and keeps the client informed all thru the process. She is awesome

Arif K. | 6.5.14

Wendy is fantastic! I’ve worked with multiple brokers, and she is by far on top. Her greatest strengths are anticipating exactly what underwriters will want ahead of time, setting reasonable expectations so that you are pleasantly surprised and always, always being prompt with responses. I recommend her with confidence!

Jeff M. | 5.30.14

Wendy is awesome. My husband and I used her when we were first time home-buyers five years ago, and now for our refinance. During our first time home buyer experience, she spent all the time necessary to make sure that we understood the process and was patient with all of our questions – since we didn’t know what we were doing. She talked to us in terms we could understand and never once made us feel bad about our questions. Now, when interest rates are better than when we originally bought, she reached out to us to see where we were at to see if we were feeling like it was time to refinance. There is no pressure, and still the same amount of patience and flexibility that we need to make the refinance process work within our busy life schedules. My husband literally said, as we hung up the phone after an evening conference call with her, “I forgot how easy it is to talk with Wendy. She’s awesome.” She’s knowledgeable about trends and is good for anecdotal feedback, which adds a depth to the experience and the decision making process. It’s likely we’ll do a refinance, and then someday buy another home – and we’ll definitely be going with Wendy.

-J.B | 5.20.14

Working with Absolute, but in particular, Wendy Mariani, was certainly a blessing! As first time home buyers, my Husband and I had no idea where to start and what to believe or how to proceed. Wendy stepped in, even came to our home!, and sat down with us 1:1 to explain and show us how to properly fund and proceed with a mortgage that would work for us not only today, but for our future. A true STAR in all aspects, we greatly appreciated Wendy and would highly recommend her services to anyone in need, including first time home buyers who may need a bit more attention. Wendy has the patience of a Saint!

-Rebecca S. | 5.6.14

We had a great experience with Wendy and Danny, they make a great team! Wendy used every penny of our buyer credit, even for items that we thought could not count towards the credit. Also, Wendy is very responsive and easy to get a hold of, she instantly had our trust and always had answers to our many questions. If we had to do it again, I would work with Wendy without hesitation. Thank you Wendy, we are happy to be in our new home!

-Nicole F. | 4.26.14

I’m a military veteran who’s been searching for that perfect starter home for my wife and I. Initially, this whole process was becoming too difficult getting the run around, to a point where we just ended up renting again. After 6 months we decided to go with a different loan officer, Wendy Mariani, and I can’t begin to express how smooth and easy she made my VA loan go through. Timing is everything, and with a baby on the way, Wendy was able to make the transition of ‘will this loan go thru?’ to ‘congratulations guys!…you are now officially a homeowner!’ all within 30 days! We can say with much confidence, that if you have any doubt or questions about buying or refinancing, Wendy is your go to person. She is not only professional and pleasant to deal with, but someone who has integrity and is passionate about what she does.

-Brian V. | 4.12.14

As a first-time home-buyer, beginning the process always seemed very intimidating. However, Wendy took the time to not only walk me through each step, but also ensure that I understood how it all worked. I cannot thank her enough for ensuring a smooth, painless transition from renter to home owner.

-Timothy S. | 3.19.14

For 15 years, Christopher Togawa Insurance Agency been fortunate to help many of Wendy’s clients with insurance solutions. We’re often reminded by her clients of the level of trust and professionalism she has in finding them their ideal mortgage.

-Christopher T. | 3.14.14

Wendy went above and beyond to find a loan situation that worked for me, keeping me informed along the way, and giving me good information to improve my credit and lock into a good loan.

-Lora F. | 2.23.14

Wendy always goes above and beyond what one would expect to help with any issues that arise. She is very knowledgeable and puts extra effort in to help the process go smoothly.

-Lynette B. | 2.21.14

My experience with Absolute Mortgage and in particular, Wendy Mariani was phenomenal! Wendy is excellent and she made the process in closing on our home smooth. Our home closed in 30 days without a single hitch. After our home closed, our real estate agent said she wishes all closings could go as smoothly as ours did. The agent attributed the efficiency of our home closing to Wendy and Absolute Mortgage. Wendy has also assisted my sister and brother-in-law on three closings and all three were very efficient. I highly recommend Wendy Mariani and Absolute Mortgage to anyone wanting to purchase a home or refinance.

-Caprice A. | 2.21.14

Wendy is a total rock star. She recently helped me close on my first home. Throughout the process she kept me well informed of what was going on, what my options were, next steps, etc. She was in constant contact (she even emailed me a few times while she was out of town on vacation!) which really helped me feel at east. On top of all of that Wendy is super cool and easy to work with. If I refinance or buy again I will be heading back to see Wendy.

-Carl N. | 2.6.14

Wendy was very diligent and responsive in handling all aspects and details of the transaction. She also acted as a very knowledgeable reference on the sometimes complex world of home financing.

-Michael N. | 12.18.13

Wendy was excellent! She made us feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. She made buying a home seem easy and she took a lot of the pressure off.

-Jessie D. | 12.06.13

Wendy made the process easy. My wife and I had some moving parts since we own another property and Wendy made everything easy on us when purchasing our new house

-Parker S. | 10.9.13

Wendy and her team were completely professional, prompt and precise! I feel that they through her persistence and expert knowledge of the mortgage and real estate industry, we were able to secure our loan for the home we desired. She worked through our relocation from California to Seattle. She also was with us 100% throughout the process. She knew and forecasted everything we needed in order to execute our loan.

- Stori S. | 9.19.13

Wendy was very patient and took the time to explain anything that we didn’t understand. Wendy was also constantly on top of the process and ensured we locked into rates at an advantageous time.

- Ray S. | 8.28.13

As first time home-buyers, we didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the mortgage process. Wendy was patient and took extra time to ensure we were educated about the choices and process in general.

- Katherine M.| 6.19.13

Wendy is great- professional, dedicated to my interests, and diligent about following through on all details in a quick manner. I’ve used Wendy four times in the last 10 years and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Laura H.| 6.18.13

Wendy is a trusted professional when it comes to getting me qualified for a mortgage and helping me through the whole process from beginning to end. I would recommend Wendy to anyone.

- Scott P.| 6.18.13

When I first started the process I had no idea that the fact that much of my income was in RSUs (Restricted Stock Units) would have any impact on the loan process. Wendy was invaluable in educating me on the impact RSUs had in the process. She helped me secure a loan that took into account my RSUs and offered a very competitive rate. She was with me every step of the way, providing frequent updates on status and advice on next steps. I will use Wendy for my future mortgage needs, and happily recommend her to others.

- Blair H.| 6.18.13

Wendy was so helpful when I bought my new home! She is very extremely helpful and does an amazing job!

- Meredith L. | 4.6.13

I was introduced to Wendy through a referral by a previous client of hers, who was exceptionally pleased with the quality of her process and the result of his refinancing effort. I experienced the same professionalism, care with every detail, and incredibly dedicated communication from start-to-completion.Wendy was very knowledgeable about my specific refinancing needs, and provided me with an overview of the process and anticipated steps/costs/milestones. She helped me through a very speedy process, done remotely as she is located in Bellevue, WA near my property – while I live in California. The long-distance coordination that she provided was seamless – from orchestration of an appraisal, to real-time transmission of information and paperwork, to remote notary service.Wendy is an excellent resource for Mortgage Services

- Rebecca L. | 4.4.13

I cannot help but thank Wendy for her timeliness and diligence during the closing of our new house. She is amazing with numbers and helped us make a financially sound decision on our house. She was able to break down the numbers for us to point where we felt comfortable in making a last minute decision. She was always reachable and was responsive over emails and phone calls. We were running short on time and our closing date was approaching fast. Wendy made the most out of that limited time and helped us close on that date which was incredible. I would recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a Mortgage advisor

- Utkarsh S. | 1.7.12

Wendy made our recent refinance a piece of cake. She is very knowledgeable, punctual and extremely friendly. I’ve worked with Wendy multiple times now, and have never had any complaints. Thanks Wendy!

- Dave M. | 10.24.11

I have worked with Wendy on purchasing my home in 2004 and refinancing in 2011. Wendy has always done an outstanding job and gone above and beyond to provide the greatest deal possible. She is extremely knowledgeable about the various mortgage programs available and breaks down the complicated financial options into comprehensible matter. She is personable and responsive and has always exceeded my expectations. I would love to work with her again and definitely recommend her services. Wendy is fabulous!

- Sherry C. | 10.11.11

Wendy is a superstar! She came recommended to me as “the greatest” and that was absolutely right on. I was nervous and uneducated about buying a home and Wendy made the process an absolute joy. I learned so much, gained confidence and now have a home to call my own thanks to Wendy! She was professional, personable, creative, available at all times and educated me along the whole journey. I can’t say enough about how pleased and blessed I feel to have been able to work with Wendy. She is incredibly smart and does excellent, thorough work on every level. THANK YOU Wendy

- Rebecca S. | 8.31.11

We are first time home buyer. Wendy helped us understanding this complex process by putting all the numbers on the sheets, explained all the details, and make sure we understand the greatest strategy. She is also very efficient. She organized details and get them all done during our meeting – she even met us when her daughter was sick. We had such a smooth buy, and we have to thank Wendy. She is excellent and we definitely recommend her.

- Jie Z. | 7.31.11

We have used Wendy for five mortgages and she is the greatest. She provides honesty and great advice, and has a terrific knowledge base about the business. I would recommend her with no reservations. She will do great for you if you work with her.

-Andy C. | 3.15.13

I was amazed at how quickly and accurately Wendy put together my refinance, paying attention to my unique requirements. She delivered every step of the way. I highly recommend her for mortgage planning.

-Rima K. | 1.11.2011

Just when we thought we wouldn’t be able to refinance due to extreme delays with another lender, Wendy came in and changed everything! She was 100% committed to our case from the start, and worked extremely hard to get us approved. She stayed in touch with me throughout the process with consistent communication, so I knew exactly what was going on and what to expect next. The process start to finish was 60 days which was a miracle compared to our past experience! To sum it up, Wendy is a life saver and I recommend her 100%! You can’t go wrong!!

-Jodi R. | 12.15.2010

Wendy is the greatest! If you choose anyone other than Wendy to help you with your mortgage, you’ve settled for 2nd.

-Rich S. | 2.4.2011

Wendy was highly recommended to me by a long-time co-worker and friend. After speaking with Wendy, I immediately recognized why. She was an absolute pleasure to work with while completing our mortgage refinance. Wendy provided incredible service, solutions and in-depth knowledge of the refinance process. She made sure we understood every step and covered alternative options we hadn’t considered. She was thorough, professional and always available to answer our questions. She made the process effortless and provided valuable advice along the way. I have already, and will continue to recommend Wendy to anyone who is interested in purchasing or refinancing a home

-Carolyn H. | 10.12.10

I cannot say enough about the wonderful service Wendy provided to my husband and me through the mortgage process. Wendy was not only extremely informative every step of the way, but she went out of her way to make sure the entire process was as stress free as possible. We truly appreciated her constant communication with us and the realtors involved in our transaction. She was always quick to respond to our questions and always gave great explanations and made sure we understood each step. I would highly recommend Wendy to my family, close friends & colleagues and would most definitely work with Wendy again

-Darci C. | 9.28.10

Wendy worked with us on our home purchase (and more than a couple offers prior to the purchase). Wendy has been very responsive and went out of her way to help not just us but also dealing with a couple of demanding sellers and companies along the way. We’ve been able to get the loan approved very quickly to fit our shortened closing schedule, and at the same time, got a great rate for us. We would definitely work with Wendy again, and will recommend her to anyone.

-Yushun W. | 9.13.10

Quality, price, and timing wise, Wendy came out on top. Moreover, Wendy has been great to work with.

-Wibe W. | 8.25.10

I have worked with Wendy on the purchase of 2 homes, as well as several refinance transactions on each of those homes. Wendy has always done an outstanding job of getting me a great deal and made the entire process painless. She is extremely knowledgeable about the various mortgage programs/products available and is very creative in designing alternatives to consider. Wendy is very responsive and has always exceeded my expectations. I have referred several friends and co-workers to Wendy over the years and they have all been extremely satisfied as well. For anyone looking to purchase or refinance a home, I definitely recommend that they contact Wendy to discuss the options she may have available

-Jason D. | 8.19.10

Wendy was a delight to work with. She is professional, bright, thorough and very personable — a rare combination. She did a lot of hard work up front and made the process of buying a house (and borrowing) a snap. The process has changed a lot since I last bought a house, with increased regulatory scrutiny and stricter underwriting standards, but with Wendy, the process seemed easier this time. She stays on top of everything from start to finish and is a very good communicator. I recommend her to anybody, and I wouldn’t consider engaging anybody else to help me through the mortgage process in the future

-Craig D. | 6.29.10

Wendy rocks!

-Ken R. | 6.28.10

Wendy managed to work to find an excellent interest rate, very quickly and efficiently, under the difficult and inflexible scheduling demands set by my family’s travel and move-out schedule.Even when one lender fell through, part-way through the process, Wendy was able to switch gears at the last minute and get another lender lined up (with a better interest rate!) and finalized with even on the original (tight) closing date.Highly recommended: if I were to be buying property in the Seattle/Eastside area again, Wendy would be the first mortgage broker I would go to.

-Jake M. | 6.22.10

My wife deserves the credit for initiating a mortgage refinance with Wendy and I’m glad she did! Before we started, Wendy took time to understand our short- and long-term objectives. She identified a loan program that provided an immediate benefit in a better rate, but also gave us flexibility in the long run. Wendy’s solid reputation of integrity and client focus is well deserved!

-Tyler A. | 5.26.10

I’ve worked with Wendy on loans for two homes and also worked with her on a refinance. Wendy has continuously be able to beat any rate I could find on my own with other banks and credit unions.

Wendy is patient in explaining every step of loan process and helped us to make intelligent choices about out loan selection.We’re happy to recommend Wendy to anybody looking for a home loan or looking to refinance.

- Jarod K. | 5.20.10

Wendy is my preferred loan officer. She is personable, competent, available and has high integrity. I know I have placed clients in good hands when they go to her. They end up well served and well satisfied with the loan products and loan process.

-Phil L. | 5.18.10

Wendy is an excellent partner for anyone involved in Real Estate. She is knowledgeable, honest, and always listens to her clients. She establishes strong relationships, and is dedicated to meeting client needs over the long term. I have recommended Wendy many times, as I have complete confidence in her.

-Laura H. | 4.8.10

I was a listing agent on a property Wendy’s client (buyer) purchased. Her communication, and confidence, really played a major role in a successful transaction. Thank you!

-David H. | 1.29.10

Wendy has worked with me on two separate homes (in 2003 and 2009) to find a great rate and get my loan approved quickly and without hassle. Both times she found rates that were better than I had found myself. She is cheerful, confident, and easy to talk with. She listens to and explains details well, and responds quickly via email or voice often outside of traditional business hours. I’m happy to recommend her for home mortgage needs, and will likely contact her again if I ever need to purchase a fourth home

Alex T. | 1.2.10

Wendy is fabulous! She was able to break down confusing financial options into very understandable chunks, and built a refi plan that was exactly what we needed. I would love to work with Wendy again!

Laura V. | 12.22.09

Wendy found a great re-fi solution for me in these tough times. Thanks Wendy.

Marcia H. | 11.30.09

An acquaintance recommended Wendy to me. I am now a first-time home buyer and loving it. Wendy is very knowledgeable, personable and reliable. I would refer Wendy in a minute. My mom and I thank you, Wendy. You made it so easy for us. Again, thank you.

Joan P. | 11.3.09

Wendy is terrific to work with!!!! I just bought a new home and she was instrumental in helping me get through the process. I was amazed how thorough she is and really on the ball. I’d recommend her in a heart beat

Jacqueline B. | 10.28.09